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Several Ways that Measure Sustained Professional Success

Cultural and worldly differences apart, everybody recognizes the magic word
SUCCESS! Don’t we all wish to be known as successful personalities both in the
professional and family senses? The problems are the vast differences that
exist between beliefs and communities, continents, and regions. Values differ
and systems of thought too.


Are Designations, Promotions, and Incomes the success yardstick?

Just like companies constantly in the news with their products, a dynamic
professional never rests. Competition has become supreme with a bitter tug
of war between companies to employ the best workers, there is no sitting back.
Aiming for more degrees, workshops, and webinars is one approach though many
succeed in quiet, mysterious ways away from the public eye.

In terms of incomes, the disparity is excellent and still widening between the
haves and have nots. Imagine the staggering gains of the CEOs of mega-companies
or the stars of cinema and sports. One wonders what they will ever do with the
vast fortunes. Maybe philanthropy is a passion with them. 

Suppose revenues were the only yardstick to judge professional success. In that case, the developed world of Europe and America is undoubtedly far ahead in
comparison to the rising economies of Asia and Africa. We certainly disagree
that success is confined only to the first world.


Media celebrity domination

Many people consider themselves inadequate and having reached nowhere because of the celebrities that dominate our lives. Whether it is in politics or business, entertainment or networking, social media, and technology, too many success stories abound. One who starts comparing will have no peace of mind. Every star needs to shine, and so will you.


Associations with persons keep us alive.

Agreed that various relationships exist between persons and with property, country, and religion, it is the family and the workplace that matter most. In the traditional sense, couples spent a lifetime together, and lifelong services were often restricted to a single employer. With virtual jobs, greater competitiveness, and the constant search for greener pastures in careers and marriages, that scenario may be fast-changing.

It is the mind that constantly seeks new distractions. Greed and lust are never gratified. Being satisfied with less is possible for those with spiritual concerns and a desire to serve society.

Steady relationships of giving and taking in the family and workplace to mutual benefit serve as insurance for those dark days that we know will undoubtedly arise in some form. Having learned bitter lessons from the global scourge of the covid19 pandemic, we certainly see the world in a new light.


Getting the priorities right

Too many phenomena surround it in a world that worships screens big and small. What is essential, and what is insignificant? Right from school, you learn lessons on duty and charity, the dignity of labor, and sharing. How many practices them?


Enjoy the good things in life.

Like water finding its level, most people try to prolong the lifestyle, professions, and circumstances they grew up in all through their own lives. They should be aiming for better things. Lifestyles are changing drastically under the impact of technology, and salaries have risen manifold compared to the previous generation. Essentially, life remains the same in terms of the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing that are denied to many migrants in search of a better life.


Aren’t we all searching for the ideal job?

Besides the controversial aspects of honestly earned incomes compared to getting wealthy by fraud and malpractice, a good job helps develop the personality. If we believe that education, training, and employment cater to the person’s aptitudes and interests, so much can be achieved in a lifetime.

Whether it is the pursuit of art forms or the medical profession, a career path works like an exotic ladder. May find most fruit at the top of the pyramid, where sparse space allows only a few to reach. Directors and Secretaries are few compared to the vast numbers of factory workers, tailors, and carpenters. Everybody deserves a place in the fabric of society in God’s celestial design.


A lifetime of service

A few decades would constitute a professional journey of a lifetime until it is time to rest in a pretty bungalow with a cute garden and a backyard. Much of the active working life is full of passions and politics, vehement conflicts, and frantic racing against time to complete projects. You are never at rest with transfers sometimes accompanied by promotions that push you from state to state and sometimes across the world.

Children have a tough time adjusting to the frequent changes of schools and environments though it seems like one big adventure.


The need for job satisfaction and stability

We wish to be recognized, and our work appreciated though it may take decades to achieve that level of success. Don’t aim for the moon and remain dissatisfied. Workplace hours are many, and it should be stimulating with professional growth possibilities. Get out of the rut if that is what it feels. With the world now a days at the fingertips via the internet, why not explore opportunities without taking excessive risks. Don’t contemplate giving up the present job on promises alone or empty dreams that may not translate to reality.

A good life is a stable professional role that is not always true of business. That is why many give up the uncertainty of business worlds and settle for something ordinary compared to a contract service. Families require stable incomes and a steady source of funds. Arrange the banking deposits in such away. Insurances guard against a variety of dangers to the family, house, and car.


Strive for betterment

Start with short online refresher courses to get better professionally qualified. Find creative outlets like a hobby concerning writing or art. Such amateur beginnings could generate side incomes too.

Work on better relationships and intensify communication at the workplace. Start with a good look into the mirror. What deficiencies do you see in yourself?
Are the dressing and grooming fine?

Are you confident?

Do you speak well in public?

Are the workplace colleagues cooperative?

Is it a sweet family life?

Stop chasing dreams and get realistic. Don’t imagine problems but find solutions if complexities do exist.

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