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In Efficient Networking lies the Key to Successful Careers

In 2021, it is high time to broadcast your personality to the world! Communication media has reached such great heights of glory nowadays, instantly available wherever, whenever. If you don’t use it, the others will and forge ahead with visibility and brand building. Yes, people represent brands too, just like electronics and automobiles. Don’t forget that behind those mega-companies and fabulous products are workers with their machines and software who toil day and night. 

Designing Personal Profiles

Like writing character sketches based on stories in school, social media and professional networks nowadays represent persons. They upload images and videos and personal and professional histories, thoughts, and feelings. Sooner rather than later, bridges of understanding get built with like-minded personalities. Now it is a
the journey forward together and probably very fruitful along the timeline called

Gain confidence and be assured of visibility

Networking saves the situation by living amidst the millions and competing with thousands for scarce jobs already suffering under the pandemic. Networking received a significant boost in the dark days because of ease and convenience. Settle down now to the new normal and inhale a breath of fresh air coming through global networks. How radically the world of communication has transformed in recent decades!

Though it appears as if everybody belongs to several professional networks, that may not be the whole truth, just like not all possess smartphones—nothing to hesitate about it and nothing to lose but everything to gain. Adopt the new lifestyle and become a member of the social media network that is billions strong. Once the social media debut is complete and a way is found, it should be smooth sailing ever afterward.

Like a pretty rose plant with pink flowers, the growth process is nothing short of splendid. The blossoming colors will soon appear. Agreed that you need to be on guard against a few thorns, but dangers abound everywhere, even in the seemingly safe residence.

While growing with the times, confidence gets a significant boost in the right direction amidst the global community and the family of humanity. Seated at the workstation, you gain access to the whole world at your fingertips. Be a little outgoing, though. It is all done in the privacy and secrecy of a different kind. There is no need to attend large meetings physically. Even conferences and interviews being virtual, the process requires a little getting used to it.


A universe of soft skills

Now that the little things
matter, teamwork and leadership, capacity building and motivation, the dignity
of labor, and networking have assumed great importance, life is more
manageable. The nature of life and living has changed so much. Digital
technology aids at every step and work processes have become so simplified
amidst fears that many jobs will no longer exist. Instead, the new-age careers
like websites, electronic media, and e-commerce have reached mega-proportions.


Maintain networking relationships

Though we do not meet face-to-face physically and do not hug or shake hands, we accept network presences for real. Like shopping online, detailed information is available about the product, like a dress but the touch and feel factor may be absent. Yet, such purchases have significant advantages too, and so everybody is doing that.

Those personal and business relationships based on a hobby or industry perhaps could become very productive. Knowing so well that connections are essential, they serve essential purposes and may result in recommendations from some higher authorities. Instead of going to a local party and meeting some big guys over drinks, the meeting may be via online networks. Essentially, they are similar.


Social and professional media records

When it comes to careers, hitting upon the right lucrative job in a good company with ample growth prospects is everybody’s dream! After crossing the sea of education and training that may last for 15 years or 20 years, hopefully, success will come, but how and when? Spread out your wings in several directions and include social and professional media networks too. Several arrows would increase the chances of an early strike. Targets are many, and archers are numerous too.

Soft skills and soft copies seem to be the new avatars. It will assist if you make sure the curriculum vitae or bio-data, whatever it is called, contain ample references to websites and social and professional networks. Employers nowadays look into these networking records because they reflect the personality and the extent of involvement in activities—similarly, criminal investigation checks out the network history where many frauds regularly happen.


Unfurl the most extensive library of them all

No matter how far you have acquired know-how and skills concerning the industry, whether hospitality or ornamental fish breeding, there is so much more to learn. Not everybody is interested in copious research, but all wish to improve, recognizing deficiencies in some areas. Make sure that you are not making the mistake of perfunctory knowing with the appearance of expertise. Networks can add colorful feathers, but the depth may be lacking. Get authentic knowing and build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Maintain personal copies soft or hard, preferably both, and continue the infinite search game. 

Branching out into allied fields may help relieve the monotony of excessive learning and generate a side-income through an affiliated task. In the present generation of virtual jobs, it is possible to work on several projects simultaneously and even worldwide. With no long hours spent commuting to offices each day and avoiding the waste of office gossip time, the energies are now concentrated. Incomes are higher, and job satisfaction is more significant for the specialist. Work hard on additional degrees and diplomas coupled with practical experiences to gain a better hold on the industry.


Sharing and giving remain the hallmark.

Whether still busy with education and training or have made a career beginning, hang on to the networks. Do not make the mistake of joining too many networks, which will be counter-productive. Membership of several committees with no active involvement will become a futile exercise. Appearing in the headlines with no achievements would soon become a disaster.

Establish an authentic relationship and join hands with the right partners according to the specific industry demands. Seek advice from seniors. Even while busy with work on the ground like driving or operating machinery, maintain links with the networks for better futures and ample opportunities for betterment.

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