About Us

A community of professionals helping each other achieve their professional goals

Started in 2021 in Sydney, Australia  to create a professional network where the focus is only members. It is not about the industry or the profession that you are part of. It is all about you, the member.

Most of the professional networks focus on improving the hard skills and giving you the ability to do your job better but have you come across an organisation which can assist you with the soft skills required to navigate through the corporate jungle to make a mark, to grow, to climb the corporate ladder and to prosper. Well, Career Progress Network is just that!


All members have a structured well defined goal with steps to achieve that goal.


Once a month event, to discuss professional issues, and cover an aspect of skillset important for achieving goals.


Members of the community assist each other with their actions and show accountability towards committed actions.


Surround yourself with growth oriented professionals, willing to work on their own and others progress through a structured process.


Create a strong community of progressive professionals who are invested in their own goals and professional growth and willing to help other members of the community to achieve their goals. 

  • Goal-oriented network
  • Support group
  • Mastermind
  • Accountability partners
  • Professional growth

Fixed agenda:

– Meeting once a month (Every 3rd Monday of the month)

-Introducing new members
– Update on the progress on each of your goals (action taken and support required)
– Professional growth topic for the month
Important to network outside of the monthly meetings.

Our Network Meets