Job search program

In June 2017, I started my second innings in Australia and this time I wanted to make a difference. I was always looking for my purpose and passion and while I love working as a digital business analyst, I always found myself wandering in different areas but never found something. This time I wanted to make a difference. Before I tell you my story, hear me out.
So, I started a meetup for business analysts and at the launch event, four people came. All looking for jobs and that is what made me start Finding a job in Australia. The meetup started growing, I started working with people in finding jobs for them and I knew that this is something that I would like to continue doing. In no time, though, it became my purpose and my passion to help others find jobs

I got some media attention.

With this experience, I launched amentoring program that will help you become confident to find that next job.

Here are a few details around the program:

1.Preparing your job search strategy

2.Preparing your resume as per Australian standards

3.Preparing you for the interview based on Aussie culture

4.Embedding in the Aussie culture

Assisting with any other questions that you may have about finding a job.
If I do not have the answer, I will help you in finding it..

This process takes 4 sessions of 1 hour each over the Zoom call.

Session 1

Information gathering session and job search strategy (I help with the research and also provide search strategies)

Session 2

Resume walk-through and the approach to updating it. I will update the resume post-session (Also, will be looking at your Seek, LinkedIn profile)

Session 3

Mock interview and

Session 4

Tips on the job hunting approach, networking options, and psychological analysis to better prepare you.

Gaurav is a great mentor to have as we navigate the Australian job market, providing the right direction, strategies and also, (re)building our confidence which is crucial as we face challenges during our job search journey, especially in my case as I was coming back after a short career break owing to the pandemic. Gaurav has a rich experience in this area given his own personal job search journey which is truly inspiring. Definitely, I would highly recommend investing in this job search program!
Caring for your mental health at work is one of the most important things that you can do to enhance your overall well-being. Overall, it helped me in each and every way to reach my goal.